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How can I purchase Tea Zone products?
Tea Zone products are generally sold through a distribution network. If your distributor does not carry Karat products, please encourage them to contact us to learn more about our products, pricing, and samples.

I am a distributor and I am interested in carrying Tea Zone products.
Please contact us or complete our Inquiry Form.

How can I find a Tea Zone distributor in my area?
For the name and phone number of a Tea Zone distributor in your area, please contact us or go to our Inquiry Form.

What if there are no local distributors carrying Tea Zone products near me?
If you’re unable to find a local distributor, you may visit Lollicup Store for Tea Zone products.

Is international shipping for Tea Zone products available?
Lollicup USA does not offer international freight or shipping options from our U.S. headquarters. Please contact our International Sales department by completing our Inquiry Form.

Can I request product samples?
We would be happy to send you samples of the products (a $10 non-refundable processing fee will apply) you are interested in so that you may try them to see if they meet the requirements of your specific application. To request product samples, please contact us or go to our Inquiry Form.

How do I apply for employment at Tea Zone?
Please visit Lollicup USA for more information.

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