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What Are Popping Pearls?

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What are popping pearls?

Popping pearls are a juicy way to add flavor and fun to any drink or desert.

Popping pearls are also known as bursting boba, or popping boba do to their fruit juice interior that burst when bitten into. Popping pearls look like tapioca boba, except they are colorful, made of seaweed extract, and filled with fruit juice. They are different and distinct, but serve the same purpose for being a drink or beverage topping.

Where did popping pearls come from?

This bursting sensation originated in Asia and has expanded over the world. Popping pearls have gained popularity because they are a fun and creative addition to yogurt, teas, desserts and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding these to your menu.

Why use popping pearls?

Popping pearls are terrific to add to your menu, because they are versatile, enhance flavors, and are time saving because they require no cooking!

Since popping pearls are filled with juice, this can be a great way to create new drink combinations. Adding strawberry popping pearls to green tea can create a strawberry green tea. Keep this in mind when using popping pearls, because it can be a great selling point to customers, and can save you money.

Culinary creations are never-ending when it comes to incorporating popping pearls! LollicupStore offers a variety of popping pearl flavors, check out our selection here and start creating!

What is bubble tea?

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The bubble tea phenomenon has taken the United States by storm over the past decade. Tea shops have popped in many parts of the country, enchanting thirsty customers with colorful tea drinks and unique add-ons.

Bubble tea is said to have originated in Taichung, Taiwan at the Chun Shui Tang tea house, according to CNN.

The founder, Liu Han-Chieh, first came up with the idea of serving Chinese tea cold in the early 1980s after visiting Japan where he saw coffee served cold.CNN

So why the name bubble tea? It is a common misconception that the name comes from the round tapioca balls (boba) that are often added to the tea.

The name actually comes from the bubbles that form at the top of the tea once it is prepared. Bubble tea beverages are shaken vigorously to ensure all the ingredients are well mixed, causing small bubbles to form at the top.

Bubble tea is a surprisingly versatile beverage. It can come in the form of a milk tea or flavored tea, and it can feature many different flavors and add-ons. This makes it a great menu item. Business owners can choose flavors that best suit their customer’s preferences. It is very easy to get creative with bubble tea.

Popular bubble tea add-ons

Bubble tea’s popularity was established partly by the popular add-ons that many shops use to enhance their drinks. Boba is the most well-known of these add-ons.

Boba is a chewy round ball of tapioca that creates a unique texture for milk teas and other types of bubble tea. Boba can be purchased in different sizes, and sometimes different flavors and colors.

Popping pearls, also known as popping boba, are another add-on used in bubble teas. Popping pearls are round, juice filled balls made from seaweed extract. These pearls are available in many vibrant colors and tasty fruit flavors. When bitten into, popping pearls burst, releasing the tasty fruit juice inside.

Other interesting bubble tea toppings include pudding, which is a flan-like treat, and jellies.

These add-ons not only enhance flavor of a beverage, but they also make them visually appealing to the consumer.

Adding flavor to your bubble tea

Bubble tea can be made with many different types of tea leaves, including black tea, green tea and more. These teas can be entirely transformed once flavoring is added to them. Add fruity flavors like strawberry, watermelon, passion fruit and many others.

Milk and flavor can be added to create creamy milk tea, which is extremely popular and delicious. Create an elaborate milk tea by combining a top-selling flavor with add-ons.

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